Single use USB temperature data logger

The iMini Single use USB temperature data logger USB PDF single trip data logger generates a comprehensive PDF report without the need for proprietary software or interface.
It comes pre-programmed ; just press the start button and it starts the temperature recording with or without a start delay.

4 alarm levels can be defined with 2 high alarms and 2 low alarms, which are triggered either when the first out-of-range measurement is taken, or after several alarms have been triggered, whether consecutive or not. It is also possible to deactivate the alarms and to programme the data logger in record-only mode.

The iMini USB PDF is used in all industry fields and all modes of transport, as it has the capacity to log temperatures for over 60 days, making it a logger suitable for maritime transportation.

Also, healthcare sector can use loggers with 3-point NIST calibration.

The calibration certificate is attached to each PDF report generated by the logger, which enables the end recipient to keep a single document compiling the data logged and the calibration certificate. The iMini USB PDF is compliant with the FDA regulation 21 CFR Part 11 relating to electronic validation, signatures and records.