Single use LCD temperature data logger

iMini LCD

iMini – a Single use LCD temperature data logger

The Single use LCD temperature data logger iMini is a temperature data logger.

Customers can enjoy from single trip device with a large LCD screen for easy viewing of real-time temperature.

4 alarm levels can be defined with 2 high alarms and 2 low alarms  which are triggered when the first out-of-range measurement is taken.

The high level alarms can be triggered also after that several alarms have been triggered.

It is also possible to deactivate the alarms and to program the data logger in record-only mode.
Finally, the iMini LCD has the capacity to log temperatures for over 60 days, making it a logger suitable for all modes of transport.

For the healthcare sector, we calibrate the loggers with 3-point NIST calibration.

The calibration certificate is enclosed in paper format with the delivery of the logger and can also be sent by email in PDF format.

The iMini LCD compliant with the FDA regulation 21 CFR Part 11 relating to electronic validation, signatures and records.

The MTK (Mean Kinetic Temperature) analyzes the effect of temperature variations on temperature-sensitive products.
Using the Console Plus software iMini LCD temperature data logger enables information to be collected on the MKT.

Customer can customize the default setting (83,144kJ/mol).


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