High resistance co-extruded film


High resistance co-extruded film

STIROFILM, a High resistance co-extruded film, is a highly technical multilayer coextruded film.

Thanks to special extrusion techniques and a successful formulated mixture of latest-generation polyolefin resins, STIROFILM has got amazing mechanical strength characteristics and resistance to perforation.

Suitable for covering and lining transport and/or storage containers, it is extremely resistant in case of stacked crates.

Moreover it is highly efficient in case of rubbing which frequently happened during storage.Covering crates or boxes with STIROFILM assures an excellent protection degree against weather, UV rays and even after repeated stacking and rubbing.

Despite its considerable strength, STIROFILM is soft.Therefore it can advantageously replace rigid plastic since easier and quicker to be placed.

STIROFILM is extremely easy to use: a simple stapler is sufficient to secure it to a wooden crate.

STIROFILM is completely recyclable as a classic plastic material.


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