Dynamic humidity stabilizer


Dynamic humidity stabilizer

The PROPADYN Moisture Stabilizer allows moisture control to be maintained at a desired value. Faced with a rise in moisture, the Dynamic humidity stabilizer reduces it by reacting rapidly. In the opposite case, when the humidity has dropped, it is capable of emanating moisture to leave it to the desired value. The whole process is done without sudden changes of humidity.

It is a natural product, biodegradable and even edible. A closed enclosure is required for the placement of the moisture stabilizer, either art showcases or cultural goods, food boxes or pharmaceuticals or also sea containers. Any enclosed space is susceptible to being controlled by PROPADYN.

The Mooisture Stabilizer allows to regulate the humidity between the ranges of 30% and 80% of relative humidity. It can be used in any climate environment (tropical, high humidity or low humidity environments).

It is an ideal product for transport and storage of products that need a controlled humidity between some values, being able to act without changing it during several months.

• Great speed for the correction of humidity variations, compensating for imbalances by absorbing or releasing       moisture gradually to maintain a constant value.

• It does not need a pre-conditioning before the use of the product.

• The place where it is placed must be closed to extend the life of the product.

• It may be in direct contact with food, as it is composed of natural food elements.

• It is a regenerable product. At the end of its regulation capacity allows the regeneration through a specific

treatment, returning to the initial Relative Humidity parameters.

• It does not release liquid or dust during use, a common drawback of moisture absorbing products. It is not

deliquescent, and therefore can be used in all kinds of conditions.

• It is resistant to the aggression of organic volatile compounds (VOC) and, at the same time, has a high

absorption capacity of VOCs present in the environment.

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