Aluminium foil rolls

Barrier films that made from Aluminium foil rolls are a range of products designed and developed for packaging products that are sensitive to moisture and weathering.

Barrier films are particularly suitable for a long-term preservation of materials that need a constant environment to maintain their properties.

The barrier films are multi-layered products obtained laminating of 3 or 4 technical materials supplying a very powerful barrier against water vapor and moisture.

In addition to being waterproof, the technical properties of PROPAMETIC films give the product a high mechanical resistance and make it easy to weld.

This allows a straightforward use in the production of caps, sacks, bags and liners for rigid and flexible containers, and for the packaging of all products intended for overseas shipments or long-term storage.



• NFH 00310 – CLASS 1

• NFH 00310 – CLASS 4

• TL8135 – 0003 – 1

Label Shock Watch 2
Sensitivity Range 00
Duration 00
Tolerance 00
Temperature 00
Security 00
Shelf Life 00
Size 00

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