Electronic temperature indicator

The product can be used in the pharmaceutical sector to monitor shipments that does not need to retrieve detailed temperature data, therefore, A ‘smart’ Electronic temperature indicator is encompassed within this low cost, simple to use and accurate device.  

The K1 enables you to ensure and to guarantee to the product recipient that the cold chain has been maintained throughout transportation.

• With 1 or 2 temperature thresholds

• Preprogrammed to customer specifcations

• Compact profle ; weight less than 6 grams

• Contained in waterproof pouch

• Non stop monitoring

• Two LEDs provide instant status Simply press on the Start button for a few seconds to set.

In conclusion When the temperature recorded is above or below the programmed temperature thresholds, a red LED flashes. If the temperatures recorded during transportation remained within the programmed alarm range, the green LED indicates “OK”.