Container Desiccants

Container Desiccants developed to prevent humidity in closed spaces and packages, thus protecting the quality of your goods.

In closed environments, in fact, humidity in the air combined with the one deriving from the evaporation of water contained in the load, virtually tends to create a tropical microclimate that allows infiltration of water vapor into the packages transported.

The result is the creation of condensation that continuously forms and dries, causing irreparable damages.

With PROPADRY System the moisture excess in the air is eliminated for a safe and effective cargo protection avoiding mould, moisture spots, corrosion damages, peeling labels and many others harmful effects caused by humidity during transport or storage.

PROPADRY System absorbs up to four times its weight, it is easy to be positioned and theapplication time is reduced to few minutes using our innovative system PROPADRY CHAIN.

PROPADRY System is easy to apply and can be used for any type of container or package.